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Welcome to Timothy Chau Group’s Real Estate page! We have a strong emphasis on providing our customers with remarkable service for a marvelous buying or selling experience. We have been working diligently for clients since 2000 resulting in only positive results. We understand the pressures that comes along with buying or selling a home and we are here to share in the experience, to make it an enjoyable time, savoring the new adventures you are about to embark. Our goal is to provide you with all the essential information you would need to buy or sell a property in the Silicon Valley !

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6120 Hellyer Avenue Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95138


  • My fiancé and I didn't have the ideal profile when we first started house hunting. We were on a search to find the ideal home to settle. Both of us were very picky, thinking if we are going to buy such a big ticket item, it would be something we have to absolutely love. We were nervous because we have never bought a house before.

    With all that said, not only were we picky but anxious to get a new home. Our realtor, Timothy, was not only very patience, but he was also extremely knowledgable, helpful, honest and reliable. It took us a whole 9 months for us to find our home. Tim, walked us through every step of the house searching process. My fiancé didn't have very good credit but Tim helped him fixed his credit, and walked him through every step of the way. Every single house we wanted to see, Tim made it happen. He not only showed us the house, but gave us a lot of insights on what to expect from each house. It made our first time home buying experience much easier.

    Timothy, overall went the whole nine yards for us. He did beyond his duties as a realtor to help us get the right home and even after he still was trying to help us with the remodeling process. I have to say, he is a pretty awesome Real Estate Agent. I highly recommend him!!

    • Trinity V., Blossom Valley, San Jose, CA
  • I don't even know where to start with this man and his team.  Everything about purchasing a home is stressful ! especially if your credit score is 640 :( .  I don't know how the man did it but it was done ! About 6 months ago, I finally saved up enough money for the down payment.. which I thought was the hard part.. Silly me, my credit was so bad that no lenders will even look at me.  Finding a house was just another horror story all together.. I can write a book about the whole freaking experience.  

    I met Tim through some mutual friends, I did my background check on him before hiring him as my realtor and loan officer.  All of my friends informed me that he was reliable and very knowledgeable about the business.  He told me from the start, "you are not ready for a home, we have to work on your credit before anything else." That broke my heart but I appreciated the truth.  After countless meetings, open houses, back and forth with credit bureau, I finally got my dream house. Best part was I didn't have to go on a bidding war with other cash buyers.  Everything was done, signed, sealed, and delivered, within two weeks.  As a business man myself, I could not be happier and more impress with this man hard work and knowledge.  My next investment home will definitely be with Timothy.

    • Justin L., San Jose, CA
  • Timothy is a wonderful realtor; he is very sincere and thorough. He is also very patient and knowledgeable. As the first time buyer, I had so many questions and he was able to explain to me in details and he's still around to answer my questions even after the transaction had close. Keep up the good work Tim!!!

    • Trang N., San Jose, CA
  • Timothy was my first and only real estate agent.  His professionalism and knowledge initially drew me to work with him. However, it was his enthusiasm and follow through that made me a loyal client. When I purchased my first home in 2002, Timothy was recommended to me by a friend. Timothy showed me many many homes and gave his honest recommendations. I never felt rushed and that my interest was valued. During my transaction, I knew exactly where I stand with my offer and loan details. Timothy made sure to call to keep me posted.  When I had questions (which I had plenty being a new home buyer), he would answer them in a timely manner. He did not make me feel like I was taking too much if his time despite the fact that he was working on numerous transactions. I can say that I am now an educated home buyer because of the answers Tim provided.  On my most recent purchase, Timothy came through once again. Despite the more stringent requirements by the bank, he found me a loan that fits my needs.  I understand the banks will make you jump though hoops to qualify for a loan these days.  Finding an affordable home to purchase is tougher than ever. Yet, with a trusted real estate and loan professional, you can be confident that you are well-represented.

    • Sahravee H., San Jose, CA

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